Hero image consisting of text and a portrait photo. The copy reads "A curation of clients". The photo features the owner of "Eat Your Words" sitting around vintage furniture and plants.
Wavy text banner reading "Click to see the wonderful women whom I had the pleasure of working alongside."
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Cover photo for the "honey, let's hide" case study. It shows the owner of the small business in a summery outfit with sunglasses and gold jewellery.


The proprietor

Ella is my kind of girl. She knows what she wants and won’t stop until she gets it. Honey, Let’s Hide makes leather lingerie beyond your wildest imagination. Ella came to me because she is braver than the rest of us and held her hands up and admitted she couldn’t do it all and that words just weren’t her thing.

Client photo showing off the leather choker they sell.

The project

I’ve been with HLH since day one and so far we’ve created product descriptions, a landing page and a sales email sequence and a whole website’s worth of copy and  BOY they were so much fun to write. We developed a tone of voice that mirrored the sensual and seductive nature of the products but also felt empowering and fearless too by personifying the adornments themselves.

Demonstration of a woman wearing a full body leather harness as an accessory.

The proof

“Kate has been amazing from the get-go. Instantly she understood my vision for HLH. Even though I had never met Kate before, a friendship has blossomed throughout working together, I have always felt like I can be really honest. I’m always so excited when I’m expecting more work from her - she’s literally the Queen of Copy.”

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