Hero image of the founder of "Eat Your Words" smiling. She is wearing a colorful crochet hat and has a floral arm tattoo.

finally, a job that
compliments my mix-up.

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I am a cocktail of a strategy-led data nerd fused with an expressive flower child.

Let me explain...

Owner of Eat Your Words typing on retro typewriter, wearing a bohemian shirt.

The nerd

The nerd comes out of me in the form of Marketing theory, data analytics and consumer psychology. Constantly under-pinning all of my copy by the godfathers of the advertising world and the scientific data to say what human's do and why they do it.

The flower child

My alter-ego is flooded with off the wall ideas, creative breakthroughs at 2 o'clock in the morning and heaps of craft projects on the go at any one time. This side is let loose on the latter stages of copywriting - the actual writing. It's where I conjure up creative copy and is what makes my clients go "it's FUCKING amazing” instead of "it's amazing".

“Kate has a real passion for helping women in business, she really cares and it shows.”

- Avery @findyourjoy.with.avery

Atmospheric image of the owner of "Eat Your Words" adjusting the settings on a retro radio.



None of this bureaucratic bullshit here. You’ll find open and honest communication where feedback is encouraged. I’m working with you, not for you.


Expect an invite to the pub, check-ins with how you are and constant shoutouts on social media because I’m selective with who I work with and I pride myself on character judgement.


I act shamelessly like myself. Expect swearing, being addressed as ‘mate’ and my sincere opinion. I can smell inauthenticity a mile off so if you’re not comfortable with you yet then we won’t work. 


I am a self-confessed learn-a-holic. Growth is important to me throughout every crevice of my life - academically, practically and spiritually.