Hero image consisting of text and a portrait photo. The copy reads "A curation of clients". The photo features the owner of "Eat Your Words" sitting around vintage furniture and plants.
Wavy text banner reading "Click to see the wonderful women whom I had the pleasure of working alongside."
Previous button leading to the previous case study in the portfolio.Next button leading to the next case study in the portfolio.
Client photo showing the owner of "nude social" in a bucket hat and sunglasses.


The proprietor

Millie and Nude are one in the same. Both fresh, minimal and thoughtful. Nude is a haven of neutral tones and dreamy aesthetics with a mission to bring a business’s socials to life. Just scrolling down Nude’s Instagram you are transported to tranquillity. Millie came to me to deliver that same feeling through words for her website.

Client photo showcasing a styled outfit.

The project

I worked with Millie to create a 5 paged website that sounded heavenly and gave business owners a corner of peace away from their loud minds. Amongst the copy I created was a wholesome mission statement, creative catchline and an exclusive tone of voice.

Lifestyle shot of the client with a cocktail in her hand, lounging on luxurious furniture.

The proof

"Kate is a copy genius. She understood Nude and my story right from the start and brought the website to life through words that I never would have imagined."

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