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Portrait of the client


the proprietor

Avery is going to change the world with her Holistic Health Coaching - I’m sure of it. She is so compassionate and powerful and her writing really reflected this. Avery came to me because like lots of people she was in a funk about her website copy. She’d sat there for hours and all the words were blurring into one.

Full-body shot of the client in a casual but funky outfit in a natural environment.

the project

I provided Avery with a comprehensive website audit whereby I went through every page with a fine-tooth comb. Some of the suggestions included throwing in some subheadings to break up the chunky text, rewording her USP and giving her About Me section some flair.


“My website feels 1000 times more focused and clear to my target audience - it genuinely makes me so happy to see the improvements and what a difference it has made! Everyone could use a fresh pair of eyes on their copy! It's hard to see these things when we've put so much love and effort into it. Kate has a real passion for helping women in business, she really cares and it shows.”

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