1. You’ve Just Started Out

You’re the new kid on the block. You’ve cried a few times, shouted at your computer screen and told yourself you were going to pack it in umpteen times. Welcome to the wonderful world of the self-employed.

One thing you can forget though is WORDS. Stop tirelessly typing (and then deleting) meaningless crap onto a page. Hiring a copywriter means one less stress and one less stress means more time for other things. Like maybe that birthday party you half-committed to?

I also provide free hugs and words of support cos you’re great and YOU CAN DO IT.

2. It’s Time For A Glow-Up From The Flo’-Up

You've got a business you're proud of but you're looking to flourish even more. So you're thinking of ways to boost your business and copy is a great place to start. Maybe you wrote it in a rush or you didn't understand that there's a whole science behind the words.

Copywriters can take your original copy from zero to hero. Whether your punctuation needs perfecting, you need some more keywords planted or you want a whole tone of voice change, copywriters are here to save you the struggle and do this for you.

3. You’re Lost In The Google Abyss

No-one wants their business to end up in No Mans Land (AKA Google Page 2+) therefore, SEO helps us to ensure that you appear in the top searches of Search Engines that are relevant to your business.

One way to optimise SEO is (yup, you guessed it) through the copy.

This could be through your businesses website or through product descriptions on third party selling sites like Etsy and Amazon.

4. Statistics Say So!

Okay. So not everyone’s favourite topic. But the facts are there.

5. You’re Competing With Every Tom, Dick & Harry

Competition is rife and trying to stand out from the crowd can seem like a mammoth task. This is a challenge for both new and older companies. Instagram changes the algorithm, Search Engines are getting smarter and it's just harder for your small business to get seen.

One thing you can be sure on though is your unique tone of voice and copy.

Having copy that is punchy and informative yet unique to your brand makes you shine that little bit brighter than everyone else and makes you favourable and memorable to your customers.

6. Copy SELLS.

That is all.

7. You’ve Got The Design, You Now Need The Words To Match

Disclaimer: He absolutely does not but copywriters do (the best words to sell your product or service at least).

Maybe you're thinking you'll re-brand or get a new web designer in? Sounds great. But don't forget the copy.

Having an aesthetically pleasing brand is good but once stripped of all it's glory all your left with is words. Copy is the bread and butter of your business so you have to make your text strong.

Don't worry though, your existing copy may not go to waste it may just need a little freshening up and this is where copywriters come in. Copywriters can proof-read and spice up any copy you already have ready for your new business venture.

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