2020 Wrapped

Updated: Jan 6

What didn’t go so well but I’m okay with

Went on a Skiing trip whereby my mate dislocated her knee in 20 minutes of being on a slope

Not only this, in my feeble attempt to try and help her which I felt so helpless in doing, I proceeded to squeeze her arm really hard. My reaction to the crisis was that if her knee is really hurting, maybe I can stop it from hurting as much if I hurt something else. Needless to say, I don’t think my forte is in crisis management or first aid.

Moved back in with my family

Disclaimer: My family are fantastic in their own dysfunctional way.

I love my Mum and I love my Dad, that is when I don’t live with them.

Didn’t get up before 10:00 for 5 months

Growing up in a family where all members get out of bed at 6:30 on the weekends by choice you would’ve thought that I would inherit the early bird syndrome but I did not. In fact, it became such a running joke that my boyfriend’s parents used to clap if I made it into the house before noon.

As much as I would like to pretend that I see the sunrise every morning whilst in warrior pose with Nag Champa wafting over me. I don’t. And I am (much to my Dad’s dismay) a snoozer.

Starting smoking again and used the excuse of ‘social smoking’

This one I am most annoyed at.

Argued on my birthday

Over what I haven’t a clue. But yeah, there were tears and everything from both parties involved.

Lost all motivation to eat (again)

A regular winter tendency of mine where I suddenly cannot be bothered to eat. And due to this, I usually eat shite.

On the plus side, I have managed to acquire an in-house chef - also known as my boyfriend - who is an incredible cook and I would not be the weight I am today without him. And, I would be napping left right and centre to try and compensate for the lack of nutrients.

What went well and I’m also okay with

Left my dissociative tendencies (partly) in 2019

My mind blessed me with a dose of dissociation in 2019 and if you’ve ever experienced it you’ll know what a pain in the butt it is. However, I've learnt how to cope with it and accept that it's just a part of little old me.

Two humans and a dog came out alive after living in a van through a pandemic for 4 months

This one pleasantly surprised me because I can be a handful at times (can’t we all). But, with two of your biggest wind-up merchants and a dog with a nervous disposition in very small proximity to each other you can understand why I was surprised.

2 more pieces of inked art joined my arm

I was blessed with two new friends who are by my side forever. Pascal the peacock and Solly the sunshine.

Lots of swimming

Living on the edge of Dartmoor definitely had its perks, it meant I got to swim nearly every day in freshwater. It also inspired me to carry on swimming through the winter months because it’s good for my noggin.

Got a car

If you know anything about me you’ll know that I’m a fairly outgoing and confident person. However, behind a wheel, I am a nervous wreck. I think that when people flash me to say thank you that I’ve done something wrong, my leg shakes uncontrollably if I try to do a hill start and I have probably given myself irreversible back problems from how I sit bolt upright.

I passed my test in 2016 but moved to a city soon after so never really got to grips with driving. So, I made myself get a car and try to dismantle the irrational anxiety that I get from driving. It’s definitely not an overnight process and I still look for parking spaces where I can drive straight through but I’ll get there.

Got naked in a sunflower field

That is all.

I am the reigning Shithead Champion thus far

A lockdown league that started and that of which I am winning. What’s not so good and I should’ve put above is that both players are so competitive that we had to make a huge pinky promise/oath that neither of us would cheat.

Eat Your Words

I did it! I stopped talking about it and actually did it. And, I am actually doing alright at it. More importantly, I'm doing what I love and that is supporting female-founded business through sexy copywriting. Hurrah!

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